Album: PJ Morton ‘Watch The Sun’

April 29, 2022 @ 12:00 AM EDT

Good morning.

PJ Morton takes a moment to reflect with his latest collection of music, Watch The Sun.

Perched with 11 tracks, the New Orleans native preaches self-love on “My Peace” featuring JoJo and Mr. Talkbox and keeps his head high on the Stevie Wonder and Nas-featured “Be Like Water“. Other contributions Wale, Jill Scott, El DeBarge, Alex Isley, Jojo, Chronixx, and more.

“With the world changing so quickly in the last couple years, it called for a bunch of reflection,” said the Grammy winning musician. “I reflected on what I wanted to change in my life. What I wanted to keep the same. What was left to say as an artist. I think these last couple years taught us to identify what is truly important. It was important for me to tell an honest story on this album. The album is an unapologetically soulful painting about the true challenges in life and love.”

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