Album: Skyzoo, The Other Guys ‘The Mind Of A Saint’

January 13, 2023 @ 12:01 AM EST

Skyzoo and producers The Other Guys connect on their concept and collaborative album, The Mind Of A Saint.

Inspired by character Franklin Saint from the American crime drama television series, Snowfall, the tandem score 10 tracks featuring the previously released “Straight Drop“. Other tracks include “Views From The Valley”, “100 to ONE”, “Brick By Brick”, and “Purity”, among others.

“When making this album, I wanted to do something that creatively pushed a button,” says Skyzoo. “Something that served a purpose while trying to understand both sides of the fence that it represents. The idea of a fictional character, Franklin Saint, and what his innermost thoughts could be when dealing with the fictional world he’s caught within. What makes it so intriguing is that his character and his world are mirrors of a time and EDA that really happened. The birth of one of the world’s most addictive drugs and how its ripple effect took on a life that may seemingly never die. The crack era was one of the worst chapters in black America’s story.

“Using the “Snowfall” series as a vehicle to delve into both sides was truly fascinating as an emcee. It’s a project that is layered beyond measure. If you’ve never seen Snowfall, you’ll think it’s a really great album, but if you’re an avid fan of Snowfall, you’ll truly feel as if Franklin, the conflicted boy genius turned millionaire and career criminal, truly did pick up a pen and pad to write his life story over a bed of beats. It was one of the most intense projects I’ve ever written. The idea of becoming a fictional character which represents actual real life events, making sure to hit every detail, be it from both the show and our real world, was a writing work out like no other. I’m honored to have been able to do so, and I’m honored that The Other Guys trusted me to step outside of a box and truly push the envelope with this. Enjoy, and remember, like they told us in the 80’s: just say no.”

The Mind Of A Saint is Skyzoo’s first full project since 2021’s All The Brilliant Things.

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