Album: Stormzy ‘This Is What I Mean’

November 25, 2022 @ 12:01 AM EST

Stormzy is back.

After nearly three years since his last album, British rapping sensation Stormzy returns with his third studio album, This Is What I Mean.

Boasted with 12 tracks, the Croydon native leads the way with his romantic ditties of “Hide & Seek” and “Firebabe“. Elsewhere, the Wicked Sengman delivers “Fire + Water”, “My Presidents Are Black”, “Sampha’s Plea”, “I Got My Smile Back”, and more.

This Is What I Mean is the follow-up to Stormzy’s critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Heavy Is The Head. Prior to the album, Stormzy also released his triumphant anthem, “Mel Made Me Do It“.

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