Belarus deployed special operations forces in three directions

Belarus is checking the readiness of troops due to a number of exercises on the territory of European NATO countries and the Ukrainian military grouping, which is located in the southern direction

Belarus sees a threat in the group of Ukrainian military, which has been created in the south. This was stated by the Chief of the General Staff of the country Viktor Gulevich, BelTA informs.

“In the southern operational direction, the grouping created by the armed forces of Ukraine with a total number of up to 20 thousand people also requires a response from us. Special Operations Forces, which are deployed in three tactical directions, ensure the security of Belarus, — Gulevich said, explaining the second phase of the surprise test of the reaction forces.

He pointed out that Defender Europe exercises are being held in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (translated from English. “Defender of Europe”. —RBC), where up to 20 thousand people and a large amount of equipment should be involved. Along with this, seven more exercises are taking place on the territory of countries bordering Belarus. On them, the military practice the use of reconnaissance and sabotage forces, special operations forces and landing troops. According to Gulevich, this clearly does not mean a “peace-loving orientation”; teachings.

At the same time, the US and its allies continue to build up their military presence, the chief of the General Staff said. According to him, the grouping of troops near the border of Belarus has more than doubled over the past six months, and groups with sea-based air-launched cruise missiles have appeared in the waters of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. At the same time, aviation forces have increased in Poland and the Baltic countries.

Gulevich said that because of the actions listed above, Belarus advanced battalion tactical groups to the western and northwestern directions. They will be reinforced by air defense units, missile troops and artillery. In addition, since May 10, two areas of territorial defense have been inspected in the republic. Territorial troops will guard important facilities.

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The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the start of a surprise inspection of troops on May 4th. Military units and subunits had to come to combat readiness, make marches and perform combat training tasks. At that time, the department stated that the maneuvers did not threaten either the European community as a whole or neighboring countries.

On May 10, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin announced the start of the second stage of a surprise inspection. He called it “an adequate response”; for military exercises Defender Europe. President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko noted that the check is needed in order to “unexpectedly withdraw units in case of war.”

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