Donetsk anxiously awaits May 9: Ukraine loves to bomb on holidays

For eight years, people are tired of hiding

President Putin congratulated the leaders of the DPR and LPR on the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. As noted in the congratulation, “today our servicemen, like their ancestors, are fighting shoulder to shoulder for the liberation of their native land from Nazi filth.” However, Donetsk will celebrate May 9 in a paramilitary state.


The Victory Parade, as well as the procession of the Immortal Regiment, will not take place in the DPR. They decided not to risk their lives here. The MK correspondent talked with local residents to find out what the situation is in the people's republics the day before the holiday.

“We will hold a Victory Parade after our complete victory and the DPR’s entry into the constitutional borders,” said the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin. And it is difficult to argue with this decision, because Donetsk is under shelling, the number of which is not decreasing. According to the Telegram channel “Headquarters of the TerO DPR”, just yesterday, the armed formations of Ukraine fired 60 rockets from the Grads at Gorlovka. The shelling led to power outages, de-energized 44 transformer substations, a hospital, 2 educational institutions and over 3,300 household subscribers, the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

The Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk was also shelled, as a result of which the infrastructure was damaged, a woman was wounded. “It’s very loud here,” says local resident Alexander, “in my apartment, the curtains have already moved. I felt the wave. It's a real horror.”

Nevertheless, Donetsk residents will celebrate Victory Day, albeit sitting at home. Oleg Viktorovich Taran, a native of Gorlovka, a pensioner, told MK how it will go.

– We live like on a powder keg! Constant shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces of Ukraine. – “MK”) from Avdiivka. Arrivals to us in Makiivka are already in the city center, and in areas remote from the center. Yasinovataya (the city next to us) is wiped off the face of the earth! The equipment of the Russian Federation and the DPR is constantly suppressing the return fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Avdeevka! The cannonade does not stop day and night.

– For eight years, people are tired of hiding! What's the use, now such weapons that you won't hear when it arrives. We live as we lived. There are products in stores, we do not complain. Prices, however, Moscow, and even higher! There is electricity. There are problems with water, they give it every three days, from 6 pm to 10 pm, but they sell bottled water.

“During the entire period of hostilities in our DPR, bomb shelters, and especially basements, have been completed by people themselves. For example, they agree on the entrance, who brings the boards, who – cardboard boxes for wall insulation. Some warm things are placed in large bags. They close the basement, and the key is, as a rule, in the apartment where pensioners live, one of those that are always at home. As the shelling begins, everyone descends into the basement. It's simple.

– People will celebrate in the family circle. Mass events are dangerous! The Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly hitting just a large crowd of people. The leadership of the DPR decided to hold a celebration after the victory over the nationalists!

This holiday is Holy for us! The whole city has been walking with St. George's ribbons for a week now!

– Television is working, the Internet is also working, and everyone will watch the parade. They will drink for veterans, for the memory of the dead!

—Yes, there are fears. Everyone is sure that there will be increased shelling! The Armed Forces of Ukraine always bombard us especially on holidays, especially on Christian ones! And on Victory Day they will definitely be. Everyone is ready for this.


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