Feby – Super Gremlin (Freestyle) lyrics


Super Gremlin (Freestyle) lyrics

Feby – Super Gremlin (Freestyle) lyrics

You don’t see me with too many b*tches
I ain’t with the gossiping and ‘politickin
How we fam you always sneak ‘dissin
No coughing, no favors, just keep your distance
Can’t love on the same dude, I ain’t with it
Cut a hoe off, think she’s [?]
Imagine your whole life fake, yeah rented
Can’t fu*k on no married man, that sh*t ‘ignant
I guess that’s the reason we don’t click
The same ones you call your fam, fu*k ya ni**a, on hoe sh*t
I ain’t gon [?] that’s old sh*t
You struggling, could’ve put you on the motion
You wasn’t loyal, so I was off that
Wasn’t a real one, memories cap
Pack a b*tch up, fu*k ya life, that’s a fact
Watch from a fake page, what do you call that
Weirdos, straight weird hoes
Never giving props, wе don’t feel those
[?] and I steal shows
You was real closе, now it’s fu*k you with dil*os
I’m already in 2022
Smoking ‘za by the zip
fu*k a boo, fu*k you, all I got is me, no Co D, fu*k crews

Ain’t ‘tryna worry bout who ooh
Life’s short, focused on my next move
Focused on my next bag
Focused on my next juice
Wrist icy, you can see it move
Independent, kicking sh*t, get in tune
If I’m there, I’m the hardest in the room
b*tches music trash, get a broom
I bring the ‘formers out, whoopty goes vroom
He in the Audi with Smoove
[?] no tourests [?] if I call him, he make it boom
[?] designer shrooms
fu*k they opinions, I still rep my city
Imma do me, is you with or against me
Tell the truth, you want the smoke cause you envy
They counting me out, that sh*t starting to offend me
[?] Brooklyn [?]
ni**as wanna hate all day
Don’t care, I body your top eight
ni**as in my face [?] money, tryna eat my cake
[?] I’m having it my way
I could really drop a freestyle every Friday
[?] sleep [?]
Don’t compare me to b*tches, they cannot relate

Feby – Super Gremlin (Freestyle) lyrics

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