Give oxygen. Alisa Mamatova bought a ventilator

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 01-02. Why did Kazakhstan blaze? 12/01/2022

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A real New Year's gift for the family of 5-year-old & shy; Alisa Mamatova from Novoaltaisk was the percussion ventilator, which we bought in December.

Alice has cystic fibrosis. The child's lungs are clogged with thick phlegm, the consistency of silicone. It is extremely difficult to remove this secret from the body without special equipment. And here is the sad result: the girl's right lung for several years now looks like a balloon blown off & shy; one end.

A parcel with a percussion apparatus arrived in Novoaltaisk on the eve of the holidays. And from the new year, a new Alice's life began. In the truest sense of the word. With the help of the equipment, the girls' lungs are well moistened along the entire circuit, filled with oxygen, the sputum rises more easily. After each procedure, the mother measures Alice's oxygen saturation. The device shows 99, like an ordinary healthy child. & Nbsp;

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