Izvestia learned the deadline for the adoption by the State Duma of the law on external management

As Izvestia was specified in the relevant committee of the State Duma, the bill provides for the division of foreign owners into three categories, which will be treated “differently”. It is planned to be adopted in May in the first reading. Izvestia” found out the date for the adoption by the State Duma of the law on external management” />

As early as May, the State Duma may adopt a bill on external management of foreign enterprises in the first reading, and most of the factions support it. About this “Izvestia” reported in the profile committee on property, land and property relations.

“We plan to consider this draft law [“On the external administration for managing the organization”] immediately after the May holidays. I think that we will adopt it in the first reading, and then we will refine it. Because in the final reading such a version of the bill must be adopted that will satisfy both business, the interests of labor collectives, and the state, — told Izvestia head of the committee Sergey Gavrilov.

According to him, the committee has been studying the issue of external management since the beginning of March. He clarified that initially they had several versions of the bill, but in the end they settled on the option of dividing foreign investors into three categories: those who stayed to work in Russia, who wanted to stay, and those who “just slammed the door and without any announcements closed the enterprises». “We should treat these three categories of foreign business differently,” — Gavrilov pointed out.

From the end of February, Western countries began to tighten sanctions against Russia, and foreign companies— mass stop or restrict work in the country. In particular, McDonald's, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, H&M, Zara, Acer, Adobe, Intel and others have suspended their activities.

In this regard, “United Russia” in early March, it came up with an initiative to nationalize the departed foreign companies. According to the bill submitted to the State Duma, external management at enterprises, more than 25% of which are owned by foreign persons from unfriendly states, can be introduced by a court decision if these companies have stopped working in Russia. This will prevent bankruptcy and save jobs, according to United Russia.

The document also spelled out the grounds for appointing external management, among them: termination of management of the organization's activities in violation of Russian legislation, interruptions (their threat) in the supply of consumers and violation of critical chains, the need to attract budgetary funds for the uninterrupted supply of consumers and (or) reorientation of dependent significant production

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Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal. “Those who are going to close their productions, — here you need to act decisively. It is necessary, then, as the chairman of the government [Mikhail Mishustin] proposed, to introduce external management and then transfer these enterprises to those who want to work, — the president said. At the same time, according to him, Russia does not want to be a closed country and is set to cooperate with partners.

At the same time, the head of Interros and President of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin declared that there was no need to nationalize foreign assets “It actually turns out that we are spending our state money on buying shares in foreign companies. That is unnecessary. It can be done with private money,»— he said in an interview with RBC.

The United States promised to “take action” if Moscow begins to nationalize the property of foreign companies that have left the Russian market.

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