Kadyrov called draft dodgers “second-class people” and recalled the duty

Citizens who evade military draft are ordinary cowards, ready to “poke a finger at the second chapter of the Constitution” when they want to expand their comfort zone, but are not able to support the state, the head of Chechnya believes

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Ramzan Kadyrov

No “fairy tales” about the attitude to hostilities and violence cannot justify people who dodge the draft, especially at times when the state needs support most of all, wrote in the “appeal to the deviators”; Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

“When you need the state, you are a citizen with a capital letter, demanding that your rights be respected, and you love to poke your finger at the second chapter of the Russian Constitution. When you want to expand your comfort zone, you are a patriot to the core. But when the state needs your support and they give you a summons, who are you? No, you are not grateful to the state and a defender loyal to the people. You are an ordinary coward, a slave to your hare soul, & mdash; wrote the head of the region in the telegram channel.

He emphasized that no excuse “will wash away this shame”, including “fairy tales” about the unacceptability of the “idea of ​​war” or violence. “You can say that you don't support the current policy <…> But know that you are just a coward, a traitor and a second-class person, — he declared.

On September 21, President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. He called the decision “fully adequate to the threats” the country is facing. Mobilization is needed to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia, to ensure the security of the people and “people in the liberated territories,” he said. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that the authorities were going to call up 300,000 Russians, or about 1% of the country's total mobilization reserve.

The day before, Kadyrov said that he fully supported the decision on partial mobilization and Chechnya would fulfill it “by 100 %". The head of the region pointed out that Chechen servicemen were already actively participating in the military operation in Ukraine. After the outbreak of hostilities, the head of the region repeatedly reported on the dispatch of Chechen fighters and volunteers to Ukraine.

Even before the announcement of partial mobilization, Kadyrov appealed to the heads of the regions not to wait for the Kremlin's announcements or to “sit out waiting for the end” military operations in Ukraine, and start “self-mobilization” & mdash; train and staff 1,000 volunteers each, stating that for a single subject this is “not such a large number.”

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Ramzan Kadyrov

politician, head of Chechnya

October 5, 1976

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