Kovalchuk said that Chubais did not create anything in Rosnano

The head of the Kurchatov Institute said that “boys in diamond cufflinks” wanted to “peel scientists like sticky.” And so it happened, Kovalchuk noted

Anatoly Chubais

Former head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais was unable to create a system for turning scientific ideas into marketable goods, since managers saw scientists as an object for getting big money. This was stated by the President of the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” Mikhail Kovalchuk during SPIEF, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, he invited Chubais to the dacha even before his appointment to Rosnano; and said that he could teach him how to “wash off privatization and make an innovative economy.”

“Tolya was a smart guy, but he behaved wrong, so he didn’t create anything,”— said Kovalchuk.

The head of the Kurchatov Institute explained that the problem was that, on the one hand, at Rosnano; there were scientists of the Soviet type who were not used to dealing with business, but on the other hand— innovators, “boys in diamond cufflinks, expensive cashmere suits.”

It was necessary to build a system for converting scientific ideas into money, Kovalchuk noted. However, the innovators only wanted to “peel the scientists like sticky”.

RBC sent a request to Chubais.

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Anatoly Chubais in the 1990s headed the State Property and oversaw the privatization project in Russia. In 2008, he headed the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, later it was transformed into JSC Rusnano. In 2020, Chubais left Rusnano and then became the Special Representative of the Russian President for Sustainable Development.

On March 23, Bloomberg reported that Chubais had left his post and left Russia. RBC sources said that he and his wife Avdotya Smirnova left for Istanbul. Two days later, the Kremlin confirmed that Chubais resigned of his own accord.

In mid-April, the head of Rosnano Sergei Kulikov sent a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office, in which he asked to check the activities of “Rosnano” during the period when the company was headed by Chubais.

According to the head of the corporation, in 2010–2020, the volume of external borrowings by Rosnano exceeded 290 billion rubles. By the end of 2020, the company's debt amounted to more than 146 billion rubles, and the cost of servicing it in 2010–2021— 126 billion rubles

On June 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Kulikov, at which he told the head of state about “systemic errors”. According to him, in 2021 the state corporation managed to return the first 20 billion rubles.

Kulikov also informed Putin about the plan to change the implementation of the historical portfolio of the state corporation until 2024. Thus, “support of critical infrastructure, creation of alternative suppliers of the most important products and ensuring the country's technological sovereignty” will become a new priority.

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Anatoly Chubais

politician, reform ideologist of the 1990s, former head of the presidential administration, RAO UES and Rosnano

June 16, 1955

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