Kremlin asked NATO not to inspire Ukraine to “crazy actions”

He called what is happening near the borders of Russia a heartbreaking spectacle, which can have serious consequences

Dmitry Peskov

NATO is carrying out provocative activities near the borders of Russia, the United States and its allies must stop “ concentrating the military fist, '' said the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov in the program “ Moscow. Kremlin. Putin ''.

He added that it is also necessary for the alliance to stop “ pumping up Ukraine '' weapons, “ thereby inspiring Ukraine to insane actions. ''

“ Ukraine, most likely, is seeking another attempt to start a military solution to its own problem. Create another disaster for ourselves and for everyone in Europe. This is what Ukraine is striving for '', & mdash; he said.

This is most likely done under the guise of a training exercise, Peskov added.

“It’s a heartbreaking sight, because it will entail the most, most serious consequences,” “mdash; he added.

Commenting on reports of the concentration of Russian military equipment in the immediate vicinity of the border with Ukraine, Peskov noted that “ those who themselves brought their armed forces from across the ocean speak of unusual military activity. '' “ This is not entirely logical and not entirely decent, '' & mdash; he added.


CBS reported this weekend that US intelligence officials had warned European allies of a potential Russian military invasion of Ukraine within weeks. According to the TV channel, such suspicions arose against the background of the migration crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus. Washington could not establish whether this situation was linked to what was happening around Ukraine.

In October, Western media began to report that Russia was building up its military presence on the border with Ukraine. In particular, The Washington Post wrote about this. American and European officials told the publication that they see “ unusual movements of equipment and military personnel on the western flank of Russia. ''

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov military equipment and army units across the country & mdash; it is exclusively a matter of Russia, and the latest publications about their appearance near the border of Ukraine are “ not even worth commenting on. ''

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