NATO says deal with Russia ‘will not deter’ alliance

The content of the Russia-NATO act will not hold back anything that the alliance should do, the head of the military committee of the bloc believes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously called this document “virtually the only instrument of military restraint in Europe” ” alt=” NATO said that the act with Russia “will not deter” the actions of the alliance” />

Founding Act Russia— NATO exists, but it will not be able to contain the actions that the alliance must take, said Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of the NATO military committee. His words are quoted by the Financial Times.

«Akt Rossiya — NATO still exists. But nothing we have to do will be held back by its content,— Bauer said.

According to him, the bloc is of the opinion that the agreement continues to exist, but “will not prevent us from doing what we must do.” NATO was signed in Paris in May 1997 and became the official basis for bilateral relations. The document provided for meetings, the establishment of a permanent Russian mission to the alliance in Brussels, as well as an information bureau and a NATO military liaison mission in Moscow.

In early February, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that alliance members should not forget about the Russia— NATO when they make plans to strengthen in the east of Europe. “It enshrines (in writing) the commitment of NATO Allies to “carry out their collective defense and other missions through the provision of the necessary interoperability, integration and enhancement capabilities, and not through the additional permanent deployment of significant combat forces on the territory of new member countries,” explained Zakharova.

Then the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that this act is “in fact the only one at the moment” surviving “; instrument of military restraint in Europe. At the same time, Zakharova did not rule out that he “will suffer the fate of other agreements.”

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In March, Polish President Andrzej Duda expressed the opinion that the act of Russia— NATO has ceased to exist and no longer “binds anyone.” British Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that the act with Russia is now irrelevant and its “days are over”.

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