New mobile air defense systems will appear in Russia in 2022

This year, Russia plans to complete the creation of new models of air defense systems: Pantsir-SM-SV, Derivation-Air Defense. and 'Typhoon-Air Defense', reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

'In 2022, in the interests of military air defense, it is planned to complete work on the creation of promising weapons' Derivation-Air Defense ',' Pantsir-SM -SV '', 'Typhoon-Air Defense', 'mdash; the message says.

Mobile anti-aircraft artillery complex 'Derivation-Air Defense' created to replace the SPAAG Shilka and anti-aircraft guns ZU-23. 'Derivation-Air Defense' will be equipped with a 57mm automatic cannon. The primary targets will be micro and mini drones.

“ Pantsir-SM-SV '' & mdash; This is a tracked modification of the Pantsir-SM anti-aircraft missile-gun system. CM version it is distinguished by an increased detection range (up to 75 km) and target destruction (up to 40 km). The complex will have two types of anti-aircraft guided missiles.

Typhoon-Air Defense. & mdash; modification of an armored vehicle with increased security, which will house a squad of anti-aircraft gunners with MANPADS.

Earlier it was reported that in 2022 the Russian army will receive the first short-range air defense systems “ Gibka-S ''.


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