Political scientist Bashirov warned of an imminent NATO strike on Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

NATO is pumping weapons into Ukraine and will monitor their use against Russian troops. The republic has turned into a training ground where the delivery and supply of ammunition will be practiced.

As political scientist Marat Bashirov reminded Pravda.ru, Europe has even created a coordination center for the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

He stressed that the clash with NATO proxy troops, consisting of the National Battalion, foreign mercenaries and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is turning into a conflict between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance.

“And this means that sooner or later Russia will be hit with NATO weapons, and we will respond with strikes on the territory of several NATO countries,” Bashirov concluded.

Earlier on turning Ukraine into a training ground Retired colonel Douglas McGregor, former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense, said. According to him, US President Joseph Biden did this on purpose in order to dictate his terms to Russia at the negotiating table.

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