Psaki declined to comment on media reports on the US sending weapons to Ukraine

Jen Psaki Photo: flickr/Third Way Think Tank

Media reports about the intentions of the United States to send American military advisers to Ukraine did not comment on White House spokesman Jen Psaki during the briefing.

“I have nothing to announce to you on this score,” Psaki replied to a question from reporters.

CNN has published material that Joe’s administration Biden is assessing the possibility of sending military advisers and additional military equipment to Ukraine.

According to them, such support for Kiev is connected with reports that Russia is allegedly preparing for an attack in Ukraine in January 2022.

The military assistance package may include Javelin anti-tank complexes, mortars, as well as air defense systems, including Stinger missiles.

At the same time, the administration admits that such a shipment of weapons may be regarded by Moscow as an escalation.



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