Ransom “Sinatra’s Demons”

October 14, 2022 @ 9:38 AM EDT

Turn the horns up.

Ransom clears his conscious on his new record “Sinatra’s Demons” produced by 38 Spesh.

Flanked by 38 Spesh’s cinematic horns, Ransom unleashes some of his most hardest bars heard to date.

“You only get confident when you go in booths / You don’t show my quest love, I’m back to my oldest roots,” he wittingly raps. “Some petty niggas known to shoot / You want smoke? / I got some shotties as old as Snoop / I’ll give you the rope to hang and I’ll hold the noose.”

“Sinatra’s Demons” continues the pair’s run of new music. Last month, Ransom dropped his This Life Made Me EP, while 38 Spesh released his 7 Shots EP.

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