Rashkin has problems buying a new elk

The animal has nowhere to take and nothing to immobilize

Deputy Valery Rashkin said that he was ready to buy a moose cow and release it into the forest in the Saratov region. In this way, the parliamentarian hopes to compensate for the damage caused to the wildlife. We were figuring out whether such a maneuver was really possible and whether it would ease the fate of Rashkin, who faces a lifting of immunity and a criminal case for poaching.

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Valery Rashkin on the air of Channel One talked about his readiness to buy a moose cow, so that later let her go to the forest. The deputy said that an increase in the livestock of elk in the vicinity of the village of Lysye Gory, where he hunted on the night of October 28-29, is now generally on his list of tasks. The day before, in a video confessing to hunting an elk, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation also said that he had even tried to find a farm where the elk would be sold to him. So, according to Rashkin, he will be able to make amends for the harm “ unwittingly inflicted on nature. ''

We interviewed experts in the field of hunting. Is it really that simple? Can someone, be it deputy Rashkin or the conventional locksmith Ivanov, really buy an elk? Still, an elk is & nbsp; this is not a dog or even a horse. & Nbsp;

President of Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz Tatyana Aramileva believes that Valery Rashkin will fail.

– It's impossible (buy moose and release him into the forest to replace the killed one. – & nbsp; Approx. auth. ). Such statements indicate that Rashkin does not know the basics of hunting rules. Who will allow him to buy a moose and release it somewhere? This requires documents – & nbsp; where will he get them? And where will he get the elk itself? This is an amateurish approach to biodiversity issues, & nbsp; – & nbsp; Tatyana Aramileva is perplexed.

Theoretically, you can buy an elk in Russia. In the Kostroma region there is a moose farm, it has existed since Soviet times among the impenetrable forests, in which a detachment of Poles-invaders perished through the efforts of Ivan Susanin.

The farm's website says they sell young moose. It would seem that Valery Rashkin was lucky – & nbsp; sales will start in November!

But that was not the case. Even if the farm sells a moose calf to the deputy, it will be a young moose calf. And the parliamentarian shot an adult large individual. The puzzle does not add up.

Another stick in the wheels of the communist Rashkin was prepared by nature itself. The moose from the Kostroma farm in Saratov more often simply will not survive.

“The moose raised on the farm are used to completely different living conditions. They are domesticated and will not be able to live in the wild. These animals are not accustomed to the forest-steppe zones of the Saratov region, – says Tatyana Aramileva.

The chief editor of the Russian hunting newspaper Alexander Lisitsyn also believes that Deputy Rashkin will not be able to plant a replacement elk for Mother Nature.

– I do not know such precedents. I can assume that he has a team of lawyers who have no idea about hunting and forestry legislation and the existing rules in this area, – commented on the statement of parliamentarian Lisitsyn.

The second option is to get a moose & ndash; catch it in the wild. But here, too, there are continuous obstacles.

“To catch a moose in the wild, you need a lot of accompanying documents,” explains Tatiana Aramileva. – There must be a permit issued in the name of Valery Rashkin. But no one will give him such a document, since at the time of the investigation he is deprived of all rights related to hunting. To release an animal elsewhere, you need a release permit. This is a very complicated procedure.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the places in which Rashkin hunted are & nbsp; these are fixed hunting grounds. To release the beast there, you need permission from the administration.

There is one more problematic issue. As the experts explained, there are currently no safe means to immobilize the moose. Existing medications are dangerous and can kill the animal.

Hunting experts have assessed Valery Rashkin's statement of readiness to buy a moose cow as an attempt to minimize the risks in terms of criminal liability.

– It seems that the deputy is trying to “ jump out '' from under the second part (part 2 of Article 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, illegal hunting using official position or by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, a fine of up to a million rubles or imprisonment from three to five years. & nbsp; & ndash; Note ed. ).

I doubt he alone could butcher a moose carcass. For this, the hand must be very well filled, besides, in the process of cutting, the knives are constantly dull, they must be sharpened. This is a long process. I think in the course of the investigation this issue will be clarified. For this there is a situational expertise. It will help to restore the whole picture of the hunt. & Nbsp;

And in order to understand whether Valery Rashkin alone could cope with the carcass of an elk, you can conduct an investigative experiment – & nbsp; give him a carcass of a ram and offer to cut it yourself, – says the President Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz.

Rashkin recorded a video message about the scandalous hunt: “The body of an elk is lying”

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