Russian Defense Ministry plane delivered 25 Russian tourists from Alma-Ata to Moscow

Plot Protests in Kazakhstan amid rising gas prices

A military transport aircraft of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made a flight from Alma-Ata to Moscow and delivered 25 Russians to their homeland. This was reported in the press service of the department.

Citizens were in Kazakhstan for tourism purposes. In Alma-Ata, they arrived at one of the ski resorts. However, due to unrest amid protests in the republic and the closure of the airport, tourists were unable to fly back. They turned to the leadership of the Russian contingent of peacekeepers for help.

Note that at the moment regular passenger flights between Kazakhstan and Russia through Alma-Ata have been suspended.

Earlier it was reported that the servicemen of the Russian contingent , who arrived in Kazakhstan on a peacekeeping mission, helped the security forces take control of the Almaty airport.


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