Russian security forces in Baikonur fell under siege

People are annoyed with salary cuts, meanwhile only they can now hold the defense

Kazakhstan is engulfed in riots, and at Baikonur they finally remembered the local Rosguard and the police, who shortly before that in Moscow in relevant departments decided to significantly reduce salaries.

And which, now, it turns out, are the only ones who are able to defend themselves, protecting Russian property and Russian citizens in this territory.

Baikonur. Source: Roscosmos website

“Branches of Roscosmos enterprises, law enforcement agencies, city services and organizations are operating normally. The operational headquarters, created under the Baikonur administration, fully controls the situation in the city. The armed security of key facilities of the cosmodrome has been strengthened, ”said the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin. However, the residents of Baikonur themselves are not so optimistic about what is happening. Yes, the last night of the night at the famous cosmodrome passed relatively calmly, but no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Since the beginning of the riots in Kazakhstan, neighboring villages, according to the Baikonur people, have also rampaged. There are fears that sooner or later all this will spread to them.

“In Tyuratam (Toretam) and Akay, yesterday they blocked the railway road on which our motor trucks run, they threatened to blow up gas stations that are close to the city,” Russians living in Baikonur told MK. According to them, two armored personnel carriers have already been driven into the city and the security at the checkpoint has been strengthened. Earlier, to be honest, it was easy for anyone to get there if they wanted to. And Kazakh cows and camels roamed back and forth without any problems to graze freely in the garbage dumps of Baikonur.

“If the protesters go from Kyzylorda (neighboring city – Auth.) and the fence will not save you, ”the locals are worried. They do not know which reports are being sent to Moscow today and to what extent they correspond to reality, and do not embellish it. The day before, a roll call was arranged for the workers of the TsENKI (Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities), and some board was arriving from Moscow. Either with help, or evacuate the authorities.

“There are rumors that the head of the administration is not present at the moment, there are no deputies, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate is not there either. The police were alerted yesterday, the entire personnel were armed, they are on full alert, but still, to be honest, it’s scary. ”

Of course, no one expected that riots would suddenly start in Kazakhstan. Otherwise, the Moscow leadership of the law enforcement agencies would not have done what they did for the whole last year. It lowered the salaries of local security officials.

The local Rosguards and policemen with their last strength through the courts fought back all year from what their families actually put on the brink of survival. So they decided at the very top.

In 2021, employees of the National Guard of Baikonur were deprived of a significant part of their monetary allowance, the so-called coefficient 1.4 “for work in the Far North and conditions equivalent to them.” They have received this supplement since the days of the Soviet Union. It was not removed even in the dashing 90s, when Baikonur became the territory of Kazakhstan and was leased to the Russian Federation.

On average, a sergeant of the Russian Guard, along with an additional payment, received a little for 40 thousand rubles. Without it, less than thirty is left. In general, you will not clear up. The staff of the National Guard of Baikonur is now a little more than 70 people, each of them did not manage to pay an average of 200,000 rubles.

The National Guard themselves, as you know, did not have the right to publicly express their displeasure. Therefore, the spouses stood up for them. Women sued, wrote complaints, wrote to courts, to all higher authorities …

“We sent a request to the government – how can it be, because there are government decrees, why don't they even look at them? But all our requests and documents were forwarded to the financial and economic department of the Russian Guard, that is, to those who did not want to pay us, and everything died out on that. ”

An article on this topic was published in MK. The scandal was loud. After that, the entire initiative group, apparently, was silenced: “Thank you very much for your help and assistance in our problem. But the wives of the Russian Guards no longer defend their husbands. Our position should not interfere with their service, let alone harm, “they thanked MK for participating in their problem.

With the Russian guards, it was a ride, the next in line to eliminate the regional coefficient of 1.4, turned out to be police officers (1,500 people), the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In general, all those who, in the event of an emergency, should breastfeed to defend the cosmodrome … Since, as you know, there are no Russian troops at Baikonur. Many police officers were going to file resignation reports. But where else to work? There are no extra vacancies in Baikonur, an enclave thousands of kilometers away from the territory of the Russian Federation.

In October, the National Guardsmen managed to prove the legitimacy of the payment of the coefficient 1.4 through the court. However, everyone immediately made it clear that it would remain only until July 1, 2022, and then there would be silence.

Therefore, the New Year was celebrated here, to put it mildly, not joyfully. And they didn't expect anything good from him.

“Every time we have to defend something, sue, prove. You have to rip everything out, just a continuous struggle for your existence and the future of your children, I'm tired of it, “the Baikonur residents wrote to me in their congratulations.

And now, it turns out, the boomerang effect has worked. The only ones who are able to defend Baikonur now are the police and the National Guard, whom the state made it clear that no one particularly appreciates their service.

It is clear that there is an oath, and people in uniform will defend what they are ordered to … Moreover, their families remain in the city.

But what were the thoughts of those who decided to optimize their salaries. And what about July 1, 2022 and the end of all payments? Will they not change their minds?


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