Schoolchildren from the Russian Federation won five medals at the International Physics Olympiad

Russian schoolchildren won four gold medals and one silver medal at the 1st International Physics Olympiad. Al-Fergani, according to the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Education.

The Olympics were held in Uzbekistan in a mixed, face-to-face and distance format. It is clarified that the Russians took part in person, in the city of Fergana. & Nbsp;

The winners were Ivan Kasyanov from the Altai Territory, Alexey Sanin from Bashkortostan, Olga Terekhova and Radmir Zhumaev from the Moscow Region. Another resident of the Moscow region, Roman Maksimov, received a silver award.

In total, teams from 19 countries took part in the Olympiad.

Previously & nbsp; it became known that from 2022 an international Olympiad in philosophy will be held in Russia. & nbsp;


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