The expert told how Ukraine can use Arab mercenaries

“Combat qualities are low, but how terrorists will fit”

Ukraine can use “ISIS” (ISIS is recognized as a terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) and Afghan refugees as perpetrators of terrorist acts. A source familiar with the situation told MK about this.

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Recall on Thursday, June 9 , the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that Afghan refugees and “ISIS unfinished in Syria” began to actively replenish the ranks of the Ukrainian army. According to her, over 6.5 thousand “soldiers of fortune” have already been recruited abroad. By the beginning of June, the number of foreign mercenaries had almost halved: some died and some returned home.

Despite this, Zakharova said, the recruitment of mercenaries does not stop. In particular, they are actively recruiting Afghan refugees who have not been killed in Syria by ISIS. Private military companies from the United States and Great Britain are involved in recruiting and sending to Ukraine.

What may await foreign mercenaries hired for the armed forces of Ukraine was shown by the first death sentence passed today in the DPR. Nevertheless, hunters come to Ukraine to shoot, including from the countries of the Middle East. According to Alexander Rybin, an MK expert, a military independent journalist who has visited various “hot spots”, including Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine, the contingent in question is simply unsuitable for combat in the current situation.

“I strongly doubt that they are involved in military operations in Ukraine,” he said. Arabs don't know how to fight at all. I myself saw how they fight when I was in Iraqi Mosul. Dinner begins for both sides, the war immediately stops, because everyone goes to dinner. They have such a mentality. They are a very unreliable military in that sense.

Besides, organizing such a huge crowd of foreigners is difficult due to the language barrier.

– They don't know the language either. How do they give orders and achieve coordinated action? In addition to the language barrier, there is also a landscape factor – in Iraq and Afghanistan there are no such dense buildings as in Ukraine, there are not so many cities and towns. And this requires certain skills that the same Arabs do not have. They do not know the specifics of urban battles.

According to the expert, the Ukrainians, even if they wanted to, could not use the newly arrived foreigners as “cannon fodder”.

– The battles are as follows way: first, massive strikes are inflicted, then military armored vehicles and servicemen go to clean up. Afghans and Arabs do not know how to use military equipment, except that they know how to shoot from a machine gun. You can't put an Arab in a tank either.

At the same time, the expert does not rule out that “ISIS” members, as well as Muslims who were actively recruited in Rostov-on-Don (the other day, 13 people were detained there who recruited radical Islamists and labor migrants by order of coordinators from the Armed Forces of Ukraine) can be used to carry out various terrorist acts, including against the civilian population.

– Yes, but this is quite possible. This is what they know how to do. The same immigrants from the republics of Central Asia now, if they find ways out, they often join terrorist groups. So it's realistic.


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