The head of the Public Council spoke about the changes in the army

“We take pride for our guys”

November 16 marks the 15th anniversary of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Defense. Until 2006, we did not have such a structure in our country. Pavel Gusev, head of the council, editor-in-chief of MK, spoke about what tasks the Public Council solves, what it considers to be the main thing in its work.

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

In his opinion, the new format of interaction between the military department and civil society turned out to be effective and efficient. He helps the leadership of the Ministry of Defense to solve many topical issues of the life of the army and navy.

The most effective, noted Gusev, the council's work became with the arrival in 2012 of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. “Today we have moved away from the armchair forms of work,” said the chairman of the council. – … The main principle that we have adopted, and which, by the way, prevails today in the army as well, is work on the ground. ” members of the Public Council to the most remote garrisons, work in military units, communication with people. “This style is fully supported by the Minister of Defense of Russia and all his deputies, who today are actively helping us to implement the tasks facing the Public Council,” Gusev said.

One hundred first of all interested in public figures? Issues of settling military families, employment opportunities for officers 'wives, kindergartens and schools in military camps … And of course, housing issues for military families, catering for soldiers and sergeants, soldiers' life.

Hot information on this topic is brought to the military leadership, which helps to quickly “expand” bottlenecks. “I am proud that we took a direct part in the practical solution of a number of issues, helped to cope with specific problems,” Gusev noted.

He listed some regions where the delegations of the Public Council have already visited. These are our military bases in Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Syria. Gusev said that he was impressed when he visited the Russian military in Syria. “He takes pride in our guys – for their patriotism, for how successfully they solve the assigned tasks. And, of course, I was amazed at what conditions they managed to create, ”said the head of the council.

According to him, the latter circumstance is especially important: “This is the whole point – not just to throw people into the trenches, to make them sit in the sun or in the wind, but to create all the conditions.”

Gusev noted the increase in the prestige of military service … Competition in some military universities reaches up to 30 people per place. “Why didn't this happen before? Previously, there were no conditions that have been created in our time, “- says the chief editor of” MK “.

As a positive factor, Gusev named the restoration of military-political bodies. “We know that there is a problem with personnel, caused by the fact that for some time specialists for this area were not trained. Now such preparation has been established, “he said.

Of course, there are still problems, too, he said. Many of them are connected with material issues, with the fact that something needs to be redone, rebuilt. Housing issues are among the difficulties. “New barracks are being built to comfortably accommodate conscripts. This does not happen very quickly everywhere, but, probably, there is not so much money yet. But the program has been adopted, it is being implemented, “Gusev noted.

Full-fledged military camps have been built in many regions. “Not so long ago, we visited the Southern Military District, Crimea, saw how the issues related to the redeployment of one of the military formations are being resolved there. Barracks, a club, a canteen and other facilities are immediately erected at the location, ”the head of the council shared his impressions.

He talked about what the army and military service mean for him personally. “I am from a military family. My grandfather was a commissar of the Red Army, my father served in a tank division on Lysaya Gora in Berdichev. All my childhood was spent in the garrisons, among the tanks. Learned to shoot small arms. Mom is an officer's wife, so upbringing in our family was associated with a respectful attitude towards the profession of defender of the Motherland, “Gusev said.

The head of the council named the main reasons for the problems faced by the Armed Forces in the late 80s -the beginning of the 90s. “The country's leadership brushed aside the Armed Forces. It was believed that all the tasks had already been completed, that perestroika had begun, and we are now friends with everyone … It was a profound mistake, “Gusev concluded.

According to him, that situation helped” to understand the mistakes, draw the right conclusions “.

The Public Council visited the Crimean garrisons: a photo from a school in Sevastopol

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