The head of the RCB protection troops spoke about the new flamethrowers and chemophobia

Military chemists contribute to the fight against covid

The Day of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops is celebrated on November 13th. On the eve of the holiday, the head of the RChBZ troops of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, answered the questions of “MK”.

– Our officers must have increased attention, have psychological stability when acting in the most unfavorable conditions, when exposed to dangerous factors.

When working on technology, with devices, concentration of attention, accuracy and quick visual and auditory perception, an accurate eye, the absence of color blindness are required. >

Physical fitness is of great importance. The ability to quickly restore physical performance is required. All this is achieved through long, challenging workouts.

It takes endurance to endure long-term static stress, for example, at posts of radiation, chemical and biological observation, in special machines, laboratories.

People are known to have various phobias. For example, chemophobia. This is a state of induced imaginary radiation, chemical or biological hazard, fear, constant fear of being exposed to unfavorable chemical factors. Of course, such fears should not be inherent in our military personnel in any form. This is excluded.

We train specialists at the Military Academy of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection in Kostroma. More than 200 lieutenants graduate annually. These are the commanders of radiation, chemical and biological protection units in different types and branches of the armed forces, engineers. We are recruiting a dozen girls for training in engineering.

– The experience of local wars and military conflicts, including in Syria, has proven the exceptional demand for flamethrower units. They are needed when the use of other means of destruction is ineffective or impractical.

They are used to fire at the enemy in the most difficult areas, where increased firepower is required, and the outcome of the battle depends on the development of success.

In general, the use of flamethrower units in the combat formations of troops is diverse, ranging from motorized rifle troops to the marines and airborne troops.

There are heavy flamethrower units. They provide fire support for infantry and tanks, defeat enemy manpower from open and closed firing positions, in various types of offensive and defensive combat, as well as to disable lightly armored vehicles and vehicles.

During the strategic exercise Zapad-2021 this year, for the first time, they tested a new method of joint use of mobile groups of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A and the engineering reconnaissance and fire complex “Agriculture” for inflicting fire damage on the advancing “enemy”.

– The task of remote non-contact destruction of the enemy predetermines the need for fire impact on his objects at long ranges.

For jet infantry flamethrowers RPO-A, RPO PDM-A, high-energy incendiary compositions have been created. Improved ammunition design schemes. The flamethrower-incendiary means adopted in recent years allow flamethrower subunits to significantly increase their contribution to the fire defeat of the enemy, increase the combat capabilities of troops.

– Development is proceeding along the path of reducing the range and unification of protective products, improving their efficiency and quality , ensuring compatibility with sets of individual combat equipment “Warrior”, increasing the time of continuous wearing, as well as reducing weight.

A combined-arms filtering gas mask PMK-4, sets of personal skin protection equipment of the insulating type SIZK-IT and the filtering type – OFZK were developed and adopted for supplying the army. They are better combined with the individual combat equipment “Ratnik”, “Ratnik-2” and the PMK-4 combined-arms gas mask.

The SIZK-IT set provides longer protection for servicemen, has improved physiological and hygienic indicators. Instead of the protective filtering clothing of the OZK-F “Nerekhta” suit, a set of OFZK was developed. Thanks to the use of new generation filtering and sorbing materials, the kit provides enhanced protective properties and improved physiological and hygienic characteristics.

– This is a high level of sample unification. The ergonomic characteristics of protective equipment are improved. Their weight and dimensions are reduced. They should be integrated with newly developed weapons and weapons systems.

The development of personal protective equipment for the respiratory organs – gas masks, respirators – also has its own trends. These are, for example, the improvement of indicators of the expiration date of the gas mask charge or the introduction of a service life indicator in the filter box of the gas mask. Work is underway to reduce the weight and size of protective equipment, increase the resource and time of use.

Nonwoven polymeric materials with selectively permeable membranes are being introduced into the design of new personal skin protection equipment. For them, protective materials with specified properties are created on the basis of new polymers, textiles, elastomers, ceramics, and composites. This is already nanotechnology, we are talking about grains less than 100 nanometers in size.

New catalysts are being developed to decompose toxic chemicals in filter media. Permeable and semi-permeable protective materials are given higher fire-resistant and durable properties.

Materials with improved physiological, hygienic and protective properties are being developed for service in different climatic conditions. Masking properties are improved to reduce visibility on the battlefield, thanks to the coating and applications of textiles.

– Here we interact with the Ministry of Health Roszdravnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor. Work is underway to register prophylactic and diagnostic drugs against covid.

For example, a set of reagents has been developed for the detection of ribonucleic acid (RNA) of coronavirus in real time, by the method of isothermal loop amplification. It allows you to detect coronavirus in bioassays within 30 minutes.

This month, development was completed and a certificate was received for a means of non-specific prophylaxis of a new coronavirus infection. It is a dietary supplement.


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