The Ministry of Defense reported downed Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-25

Russian Defense Ministry: in the Kharkiv region, the stationing point of foreign mercenaries Su-25 and MiG-29 was destroyed, shot down by Russian air defense systems, during the Russian special operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 198 aircraft, the ministry said. More than 470 Ukrainian soldiers died in a day due to air and artillery strikes


Russian air defense systems shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft near Aleksandrovka in Kharkovskaya region and a MiG-29 fighter in the Snegirevka region of the Nikolaev region in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense reported during a briefing.

In addition, in the Andreevka region (Kharkov region), high-precision air-launched missiles destroyed the “deployment point of foreign mercenaries” , added in the department.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

In a day, aviation hit 48 places of accumulation of Ukrainian military personnel and military equipment. According to the Ministry of Defense, the losses of the Ukrainian side amounted to 170 people, five tanks, an ammunition depot, eight special vehicles and six field artillery pieces were also destroyed.

During the day, artillery and missile troops attacked 231 places of accumulation of personnel and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 13 command posts and 42 firing positions of artillery units, killing more than 300 people, the ministry claims. Ten artillery pieces, nine field depots of artillery weapons and 11 armored vehicles were also destroyed.

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The special operation in Ukraine began on the night of February 24th. The Ministry of Defense insists that strikes are carried out only on objects of the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the agency, the Ukrainian side lost 198 aircraft, 130 helicopters, more than 3.5 thousand tanks and other armored vehicles, 337 anti-aircraft missile systems, more than 1.1 thousand drones, 506 launchers of multiple launch rocket systems, more than 1.8 thousand .artillery guns and mortars and more than 3.5 thousand vehicles.

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