The patriarch believes that the refusal of childbearing will bring the end of humanity closer

The rejection of natural childbearing will bring human civilization closer to its end, says Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

then it will mean the end of man as a reasonable man, it will mean, in a sense, the end of human civilization '', & mdash; said the patriarch in a traditional Christmas interview with the Russia TV channel.

This is how he answered a question about the attitude towards research on creating an artificial womb that would relieve women from pain during childbirth and remove demographic problems.

< p> 'If this happens & mdash; God save! & mdash; then the world, man, human personality will lose their basic dimension. After all, what is the secret of birth? First of all, this is the mystery of love, when the love of two people, united in one body and one soul, becomes the source of life. This is God's plan, and a huge layer of human culture, literature, fine arts, poetry has been formed around it, '' & mdash; he believes.

According to the patriarch, natural childbirth cannot be replaced by a mechanism and a machine.

During the interview, Kirill also recalled that the existing attributes of Christmas should not obscure living faith.


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