The political scientist admitted the recognition of the Russian Crimea by the West in the negotiations on Ukraine

According to the National Interest, political scientist Stephen Szabo, speaking about the prospects of negotiations between Russia and the West, said that their result could be the international recognition of Crimea as the territory of the Russian Federation.


According to the expert, there was something similar in the history of Europe, when the United States & nbsp; and & nbsp; USSR & nbsp; agreed on the neutral status of & nbsp; Austria. By the same analogy, both sides can guarantee Ukraine's neutrality.

“Donbass, already practically lost to Ukraine, will be able to become part of Russia. Crimea will remain part of the Russian Federation. And Ukraine will be able to focus on building its own political and economic system, “Szabo suggested.

As for Ukraine's accession to NATO, the political scientist called these promises made to Kiev in 2008 a major strategic mistake.

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