The Tale of the Mask. How a boy from a rich family is passed off as Cinderella

Billionaire Elon Muskwith good reason can be called the “idol of millions”. The genius inventor, changing the world and going to conquer Mars, has become a real icon of the new generation. All over the planet, young men and women dream of the same dizzying career.

The difficult childhood of the son of a millionaire

There is no doubt that Musk — a talented person, no. But the cornerstone of “Elon's fairy tales” is the assertion that he achieved everything himself, starting with just a few cents. And this is where the classic trap for the gullible begins when the success story doesn't tell the whole truth.

Musk has a difficult relationship with his father. This is not uncommon in many families, but in the case of Elon, the personality of the pope is very important.

Ellor Musk, Elon's father, had a talent, perhaps no less than that of the offspring . He became the youngest South African to earn an engineering license.

Ellor rose through the ranks very quickly, becoming a specialist that companies literally fought over. And by the age of 30, Musk Sr. was already officially a millionaire.

Ellora's revelations completely destroy the idea of ​​u200bu200bIlona as a boy who had nothing: “I drove them to school in a Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible, we kept thoroughbred horses that they could ride, and besides, I gave the children motorcycles when they are 14 years old. They were spoiled, I guess.

Papa, give me money!

Elon responds by calling his dad “a tyrant who constantly does and plans evil.” And, I must say, there is something for — at 72, Ellor had another child from… own stepdaughter. We are not talking about any pedophilia, the lady turned 30 years old, but, frankly, they did not understand in the Ellora family.

Papa Ilona always loved life in all its manifestations — drove luxury cars, piloted planes, changed four wives. Ellora was annoyed that the official biography of Elon Musk says that he acquired property for his parents. The father did not want to use the benefits of his sons in America, returning to South Africa.

Elon admits that he learned a lot professionally from his father. But even here, not everything is said to the end.

In 1996, Elon, together with his brother Kimbal founded their first company, Zip2, which specialized in software for news companies. Within three years, it became super-successful, after which it was acquired by Compaq for $308 million in 1999.

The inventor himself claims that they raised money for a startup a little bit, and he himself lived from hand to mouth and could not even take a proper shower until the company achieved success.

The reality is more prosaic — the Musk brothers, despite the difficult relationship with the parent, did not refuse his funds and, in addition to money for food, received $ 28,000 from Ellor to implement the idea. Elon initially rejected this fact, but then stated that his father's money really was, but did not play a decisive influence.

Mother's racist roots?

Another interesting point regarding the ancestors of Mask — his mother, a Miss South Africa beauty pageant finalist, was born in Canada and moved to South Africa with her parents in 1950, as the biography says, “for political reasons.” Thus, Musk's ancestors from democratic Canada drove off for political reasons to a country where apartheid, that is, a white supremacy system, was officially approved. It is possible that Musk's technical assistance to Ukrainian neo-Nazis is connected with very interesting family traditions.

One thing is clear — Musk was surrounded on all sides by very successful and influential relatives who used money and influence to develop the young man's talents.

But then the history of the genius is full of ambiguities. For example, the financial success of Zip2 was ensured by the hired investors managing director Rich Sorkin, whom Musk vehemently objected to.

Space X: where did you get these pictures from?

The famous PayPal company, whose breakthrough is credited to Musk, was brought to mind by the competitors of the inventor Max Levchinand Peter Thiel, with whom Elon also fought for a long time. As a result, the finds of Levchin and Til, and not Ilon at all, worked.

The loudest undertaking Mask — Company Space X — received her first contract with NASA, having neither real success nor experience in the space industry. But after that, an unprecedented technological breakthrough began, which experts associated with the proximity of the inventor with representatives of the US military circles. The fact is that it is more profitable for the US law enforcement agency to carry out many developments under the guise of a “private civil initiative”.

So it was before — for example, under the “roof” The company of the famous American inventor and  billionaire Howard Hughes carried out a number of American military projects, including an attempt to raise a Soviet nuclear submarine sunk in the Atlantic.

Actually, in the West today they openly recognize that “civilian” Elon Musk's Starlink system operates in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, the “genius” of the 21st century thrives under the wing of the Pentagon.

All this, of course, destroys the “fairy tale about Cinderella” that is fed to naive fools. Rather, Elon Musk is like Cat Basilio, happily leading millions of Pinocchio to the “field of miracles” intended for them.

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