Thousands of leagues from home. How Andrey Vorobets got stuck in Brazil for 1.5 years

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 46. Where will they not be allowed without a QR code? 17/11/2021

Pass Cape Horn & nbsp; & ndash; he dreamed of being a boy, running along the & nbsp; streets of tiny Yelizov in & nbsp; Kamchatka. But I could not even imagine that storms, fogs and & nbsp; “ violent forties. '' What epithets did the travelers give to the cursed place in the & nbsp; south of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Attractive and & nbsp; scary at the same time & hellip; Today Andrey Vorobets , who celebrated his 60th birthday in & nbsp; in August, and & nbsp; himself will not say why in his usual Soviet childhood a dream suddenly appeared to go around Cape Horn, which did not even succumb to Magellan and & nbsp; Drake. From & nbsp; Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where Andrei appeared on the & nbsp; world, his parents almost immediately transported him to & nbsp; washed by the seas and & nbsp; Kamchatka. But after school, he suddenly chose & hellip; sky.

& ndash; The first education at & nbsp; me aviation: helicopters, aircraft engines, & nbsp; & ndash; says Sparrow. & nbsp; & ndash; Graduated from the Vyborg School. Then at the & nbsp; Irkutsk Institute he studied to be a & nbsp; drilling foreman, worked in & nbsp; specialty. And & nbsp; further & nbsp; & ndash; 1990s. Free flight. Small business. It was necessary to somehow survive and & nbsp; feed the family. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Ilha Grande island, where the traveler lived for almost a year. Photo: From personal archive/Andrey Vorobets.

Contrary to Fate

One story pushed the Sparrow's adventures to & nbsp; In & nbsp; 2003, on the & nbsp; day of the Navy, he decided to conquer one of the & nbsp; home volcanoes of Kamchatka & nbsp; & ndash; Koryaksky (3456 m). The company got together. We got up easily. We should have reached the & nbsp; peak, when suddenly a glacier blocked the path. And & nbsp; people in & nbsp; sneakers, some & nbsp; & ndash; so almost in & nbsp; slippers & hellip;

& ndash; It was an FAIL exam. I & nbsp; understood that mountains do not like amateurs. Enrolled in the & nbsp; alpine club and & nbsp; three years later conquered Lenin Peak. But that was one dream. The second & nbsp; & ndash; about & nbsp; around the world & nbsp; & ndash; I & nbsp; only voiced my friend, with & nbsp; and & nbsp; I was planning to make a hike. & Nbsp; he had a yacht, we started preparing it, collecting money.

Circumstances developed so that nothing came of that idea. “ Not destiny! '' & nbsp; & ndash; another would say. The sparrow is & nbsp; & ndash; like a shot sparrow. The dream remained. And & nbsp; it must come true.

& ndash; You know, & nbsp; & ndash; says Andrey on the & nbsp; phone, and & nbsp; I feel his wide smile across thousands of kilometers. & nbsp; & ndash; I have serious hypertension. So I & nbsp; and thought: what's the difference where died & hellip; sorry, to end the earthly path & nbsp; & ndash; on the & nbsp; couch at home or fighting for life in the & nbsp; sea? Well, really?

And & nbsp; Andrey bought his own boat & nbsp; & ndash; OE-32 “ Sea Sparrow '' And & nbsp; then flew to & nbsp; Kamchatka & nbsp; & ndash; prepare for & nbsp; around the world.

& ndash; My pension & nbsp; 18,000 rubles. (I went out at & nbsp; 55 years old). Yes, there were savings & nbsp; & ndash; in recent years he has been successfully working as a realtor. But looking at the & nbsp; map of South America hanging in the & nbsp; kitchen, I & nbsp; understood that a sea voyage & nbsp; & ndash; the event is unpredictable. & nbsp;

Yacht “ Sea Sparrow '', on which Andrey Vorobets sailed to Brazil. Photo: From personal archive/Andrey Vorobets

Andrey took courses, received a skipper's certificate, registration, callsign. There was only a fellow traveler. And & nbsp; he began to look for him in & nbsp; social networks. The sparrow was sure: like & nbsp; in the mountains, in the & nbsp; sea there are no random people. Replied Slava & nbsp; & ndash; guy from & nbsp; Ukraine. And & nbsp; 17 September 2019 & nbsp; g. a crew of & nbsp; composed of two people went out to the & nbsp; Baltic Sea, heading for & nbsp; the island of Gotland.

& ndash; Autumn storms began in the & nbsp; Baltic. And & nbsp; when we went to the Rhone (the river in front of Marseille), we got into the & nbsp; monstrous mistral. We barely dodged. & Nbsp;

“ We are not talking about politics! ''

Cities, countries, fellow travelers changed. And & nbsp; Andrey continued to go to & nbsp; his goal. To the & nbsp; dream that I carried in my heart for half a century.

& ndash; Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Estonia visited the boat with me. But we have established an ironclad rule: we enjoy & nbsp; life, enjoy nature, the elements and & nbsp; do not talk about politics.

Nature, meanwhile, threw new surprises. Somehow I had to climb 300 km up the & nbsp; course of the Rhine. & Nbsp;

& ndash; I & nbsp; went on a yacht, and & nbsp; pedestrians overtook me, & nbsp; & ndash; laughs Andrey. & nbsp; & ndash; As a result, I got stranded on the & nbsp; not indicated on the & nbsp; map. Police appeared on the shore, flashing lights, the whole Bundeswehr seemed to be about to look at the & nbsp; boat stuck in the middle of the Rhine.

Storms, aground, a huge piece of cellophane wrapped around the & nbsp; screw & hellip; But every time Andrey was lucky with & nbsp; people who came to & nbsp; help on time. Then, in & nbsp; Germany, a police officer said: “ You ran aground in the & nbsp; right place & nbsp; & ndash; There's a crane nearby. '' And & nbsp; volunteers towed the yacht free of charge.

At & nbsp; Tenerife, Sparrow was joined by hitchhiker Yegor, who dreamed of & nbsp; South America. “ You're in luck, boy, here's a passing horse '', & nbsp; & ndash; said Sparrow. At the same time, the & nbsp; boat had neither a life raft, nor a satellite phone & hellip; Two on a & nbsp; boat. And & nbsp; one fate for & nbsp; two. “ I agree '', & nbsp; & ndash; the guy answered. & nbsp;

It was March 2020. In & nbsp; Tenerife, travelers out of their ears heard about the & nbsp; quarantine. But Andrei then was not up to & nbsp; this & nbsp; & ndash; he continued to move towards the & nbsp; dream. 7 days later, at night, the yacht was off the coast of Cape Verde, the port of Mindelo. The next morning Andrey planned to move the boat to the & nbsp; marina. He looks, and & nbsp; on the pontoon the worker waves his hands: “ No! No! Quarantine! '' Everywhere there are posters with & nbsp; the same inscriptions. And & nbsp; no parking.

& ndash; We were anchored first, then a buoy. Immediately a boat arrived with & nbsp; doctors & nbsp; & ndash; all in & nbsp; gloves, masks, stood against the wind, gave us alcohol & nbsp; & ndash; rub your hands. And & nbsp; they themselves say: a pandemic is & nbsp; all over the world, the shore cannot be & nbsp;

The yacht stood on the & nbsp; buoy for a week. Thanks to the local & nbsp; & ndash; the products were transferred to the & nbsp; pole and the hoses were thrown so that water and & nbsp; fuel could be poured. There was only one & nbsp; & ndash; continue on the way. Heading straight to & nbsp; Rio. And & nbsp; that's 3000 miles.

“I believe and & nbsp; hope!”

& ndash; After 28 days in the & nbsp; ocean, we reached the “ city of dreams ''. We stood at the & nbsp; guest pier. An employee of the yacht club immediately appeared. And & nbsp; we are already with a legend: they say, there is a problem with the & nbsp; engine, there is water in the hold. He: “ Stay calm, the director of the marina will come in the morning, we will decide everything. '' We are connected to & nbsp; electricity, water. The friendly Brazilians made us feel welcome. Very positive people, always ready to help.

By the & nbsp; word, & nbsp; Andrey has broken English, and & nbsp; has a google translator in his pocket. But he assures that there are no problems with & nbsp; understanding. Even though they look at & nbsp; here as an & nbsp; alien from & nbsp; another planet and & nbsp; a money bag looms in front of everyone's eyes. April 22, 2020 Andrey and & nbsp; Egor came to & nbsp; Rio. In & nbsp; May, on an export flight, a fellow traveler flew to & nbsp; Russia. The sparrow was left alone. With & nbsp; boat. And & nbsp; with a purpose that never & nbsp; did not reach & hellip; & nbsp;

First stood on the buoy in Rio, preparing the Sea Sparrow to & nbsp; onward journey, there he also made friends with & nbsp; local yachtsman Mauricio . And & nbsp; on the island of Ilya Grande, I met the owner of a yacht shop, 73-year-old Donna Alaid , and & nbsp; spent eight months there. He worked as a driver, security guard. Repaired generators, pumps, plumbing. Digging gardens & hellip;

& ndash; For this they fed me and & nbsp; allowed free parking. They even offered a salary, but I & nbsp; refused. Thanks and & nbsp; on that. Ilya-Grande & nbsp; & ndash; heavenly place & hellip;

Now Andrey is in & nbsp; the city of Guaruja, at the & nbsp; shipyard 'Pier 26'. I did all the dirty work on repairing the boat myself. But money is still not enough & nbsp; & ndash; the yacht is 44 & nbsp; years old, the last two she was in an & nbsp; aggressive marine environment, overcame storms. Repair of the hull, sails, rigging, parking & nbsp; & ndash; all this translates into & nbsp; thousands of dollars, which the dreamer does not have. But at the beginning of December Sparrow must leave the shipyard. To rush towards the dream again.

& ndash; Today I & nbsp; understand that I was not fully prepared for the & nbsp; hike. The route is very serious. I don’t know how it will turn out. But I believe and & nbsp; hope. What else remains? Sorry, the working day begins. People are going & hellip;

Andrey hangs up. And & nbsp; then sends a few emojis with & nbsp; thumbs up. Everything will be fine!


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