Tokayev announced “some claims” to the words of deputies about Kazakhstan

Russian President Vladimir Putin during the SPIEF-2022 meeting with Tokayev expressed the opinion that Russia and Kazakhstan have the will to solve all emerging problems

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

A number of Russian deputies, journalists and cultural figures made absolutely incorrect statements about Kazakhstan, the President of the country, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, said during the plenary session of the SPIEF-2022.

“I, using this rostrum, maybe it will not be entirely appropriate, but nevertheless, I would like to express some complaints about the statements of a number of Russian deputies, absolutely incorrect statements about Kazakhstan, inaccurate statements, I would say, of journalists and even cultural figures, — he said without drowning out specific examples.

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the SPIEF 2022 plenary meeting, “exhaustively” outlined the position of the Russian leadership in relation to Kazakhstan and other countries.

“Indeed, we do not have any issues that could be exaggerated in one way or another, sowing discord between our peoples”,— said Tokayev.

After that, he again called the statements of Russian deputies and journalists mentioned by him “not very clear.”

“As they say, whose mill are these figures pouring water on, who in some strange way sometimes comment on the decisions of the leadership of Kazakhstan or the events that take place in our country, — he added.

After that, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was also present at the meeting, said that Russia and Kazakhstan are capable of finding a solution to any problems that have arisen.

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In January, State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev advocated holding a referendum in Kazakhstan on the issue of "reunification" with Russia. On his Facebook page (owned by Meta, whose activities are recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), he stated that “Central Asia”; this is Russian land».

In March, Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party Sergei Savostyanov proposed including Kazakhstan and a number of other countries in the “demilitarization” zone; and “denazification”. The document with this proposal on the letterhead of the Moscow City Duma was published on Facebook by a member of the federal bureau of the Yabloko party; Kirill Goncharov.

In addition, Tigran Keosayan criticized the authorities of Kazakhstan. On his YouTube channel, he was indignant at the lack of a clear position of Kazakhstan regarding the confrontation between Russia and the West, and also stated that “fraternal republics need to be determined and take sides,” and Russia “mdash; carefully look who is with us.” Keosayan also expressed the opinion that the Russian authorities need to “reconsider the level of relations” with Kazakhstan.

After Keosayan's statements, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry announced that it would include him in the list of persons whose entry into the country is undesirable, Tengrinews wrote.

The moderator of the session at which Tokayev spoke was Keosayan's wife Margarita Simonyan.

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