“We are terpily”: Satanovsky told how Russia pays for its future “partition”

The political scientist considers the course towards Turkey to be erroneous

The political scientist, head of the Institute for the Near East Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the publication of & nbsp; & quot; Glance & quot; map of the “ Turkic world '', which included some regions of Russia. This map has been present in the textbooks of Turkish schoolchildren for a long time, Satanovsky emphasized.

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The political scientist said that neither for whom it is no longer a secret that Turkish children are taught that the Turkic world ends on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. And in Turkish dictionaries there is an expression “ Moscow giaurs '' (i.e. incorrect). The only thing that is encouraging is & ndash; this is what Turkish intellectuals blush when asked about it.

But Russia does not respond to these antics, but only “ plays and indulges ''. “ While implementing economic projects with Turkey, we are offered to pay for the partition of tomorrow's Russia and the transformation of the former USSR into the future Ottoman Port at our own expense. Actually, we are already doing this, '' the expert emphasized. This, according to Satanovsky, is about projects on which quite certain people who initiate them are making money, and here and now, and Erdogan understands this perfectly.

“ From the point of view of the Turks, we are terpily '', – summed up Satanovsky.

Recall that the composition of the “ Turkic world '', which was depicted on the map of Bahcheli and Erdogan, included the southern regions of Russia and Eastern Siberia.

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