Where does monkeypox actually “grow legs” from?

“Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. 23. What else will the West freeze to spite Russia 08/06/2022

The WHO links the outbreak of monkeypox to climate change. Why is he here?

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Michael Ryan, WHO Emergency Program Director, commenting on disease outbreaks , such as monkeypox and Lassa fever, stated that due to climate change, “animals and” people in search of food change their behavior, as a result, diseases characteristic of animals are transmitted to people, and “the risks of spreading infections increase.< /p>

  The impact of climate in in this case is secondary, and primary problems with food supply and sanitary control in countries of Africa and other developing countries, — sure academician, adviser to the director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Viktor Maleev. — The fact is in Central Africa is not developed animal husbandry as a branch of agriculture, where people often eat the meat of wild animals — rodents, monkeys, bats. Nobody checks these products, they are freely sold on the markets. Every year, approximately 1 million tons of wild animal meat is consumed in food in Central Africa. Here's what to watch out for. It is necessary to properly organize the food and lifestyle of people. For example, we eat the meat of cows — beef. And they get smallpox too. But we don’t have any outbreaks, because veterinary and sanitary control is properly carried out.

There is a version that the spread of monkeypox in Europe is associated with several LGBT festivals where infected people were present . Some of them had been to Africa before. The climate in in this case, too nothing to do».

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