Which workers should not be hired to work overtime without their consent?

A number of categories of employees can be involved in overtime & nbsp; and night work only with their consent. The President of Russia & nbsp; Vladimir Putin & nbsp; signed the corresponding law on November 19.

Which employees can be involved in overtime work with their consent? & nbsp;

Without written consent, overtime work, including at night and on holidays, cannot be involved: & nbsp;

  • single parents with children under 14; & nbsp;
  • parents with three or more minor children, & nbsp; the youngest of whom is under 14; & nbsp;
  • families where the second parent of a child under 14 works on a rotational basis; & nbsp;
  • guardians of children under 14 years old. & nbsp;

Additional guarantees are established for disabled people. It will be possible to send them on business trips only with their consent and provided that it is not prohibited for them for health reasons.

How many Russians work overtime? & Nbsp;

In a survey of the Rabota.ru service, & nbsp; 42% of respondents answered that they overwork more than ten hours a week. More than half, 57%, of survey participants admitted working overtime. Another 43% of respondents said that they do not stay late at work.

In the course of the study, 42% of respondents reported that they work overtime for more than ten hours a week. 17% of respondents work up to four hours a week, & nbsp; 14% said they work up to six and eight hours a week overtime, and every tenth (10%) respondent works up to two hours a week. Only 3% of those surveyed work less than one hour of overtime per week.

How long should the overtime work be? & Nbsp;

According to Art. 99 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation & nbsp ;, the duration of overtime work should not exceed 4 hours for each employee for two days in a row and 120 hours per year. The employer must ensure that each employee's overtime work is accurately recorded.

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