WP Learned Topics of US-Russian Security Talks in Geneva

WP: US plans to discuss missile deployment and scale of military exercises in Europe with Russia According to the Washington Post, the US intends, in particular, to discuss missile deployment in Europe. The newspaper writes that during the discussions the United States plans to find out whether Russia is serious about resolving the crisis around Ukraine

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The US is planning to discuss the topic of accommodation in the upcoming talks with Russia in Geneva missiles, as well as the scale of military exercises in Europe. The Washington Post (WP) writes about this, citing sources familiar with the White House plans.

According to them, within the framework of the negotiations, the topic of restrictions on the deployment of American missiles in Europe, which may pose a threat to Russia, may be touched upon.

The newspaper's interlocutors also claim that the US administration is ready to discuss the scale of military exercises in Europe. At the same time, according to WP, Washington is determined to ensure that such negotiations proceed according to the “ principle of reciprocity '', and does not intend to conclude any agreements if Moscow does not answer the questions that bother the United States.

According to the sources of the publication, during the upcoming discussions, the American side plans to find out whether Russia is serious about resolving the crisis around Ukraine, or whether it uses its demands on the United States to drag out the current situation.

That Russia is interested in reliable legal guarantees , excluding NATO expansion to the east, as well as the deployment of offensive strike weapons in neighboring states, President Vladimir Putin told his American colleague Joe Biden at an online summit on December 7.

Later, the Foreign Ministry said that Russia is ready to discuss with NATO draft agreements on security guarantees, which were transferred to the alliance and the United States in mid-December. They contain clauses on non-expansion of NATO to the east, non-joining the alliance of the countries of the former USSR and a ban on military activity on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, the projects contain ideas on the mutual renunciation of the deployment of armed forces and weapons in areas where such deployment would be perceived by the other side as a threat. The document also contains a clause on the exclusion of the deployment of nuclear weapons outside the national territory.

On December 28, the White House announced the dates of negotiations with Russia on security guarantees: on January 10, negotiations between Moscow and Washington will take place, on January 12 & mdash; meeting of the Council Russia & mdash; NATO, and the next day & mdash; a meeting of representatives of Russia and the OSCE.

Reports that Russia is building up its military contingent on the border with Ukraine began to appear in Western media, including The Washington Post and Politico, in the fall. The publications referred to intelligence data and satellite images. The Associated Press reported that Russia plans to start hostilities in Ukraine in early 2022, sending 175,000 troops there. The Kremlin denied this information, called it baseless and said that Russia does not threaten anyone. Putin said that it was NATO that was making “ dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory. ''

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