Zakharova commented on the “second Afghanistan” in Kazakhstan: “Shameless”


the situation in Kazakhstan. Thus, in a number of media outlets and on social networks, opinions are published according to which “ the introduction of Russian troops into Kazakhstan '' will turn out to be a 'second Afghanistan' for Moscow.

'They forgot, shameless, that the' second Afghanistan ' they already called Syria, '' Zakharova said in her Telegram channel.

She suggested that political opponents “ better remember the Capitol, '' which the Americans tried to storm at the beginning of last year due to disagreement with the presidential election results. Zakharova suggested that this recollection “ would be unpleasant for the liberals, '' since then “ the American government brutally suppressed '' protest.

In addition, the representative of the Foreign Ministry recalled, the Russian military was sent to Kazakhstan as part of the CSTO mission, which had previously decided to provide assistance to the Kazakh authorities in connection with the riots.

& quot; The decision was made collectively, – Zakharova emphasized, – in response to a request from the legitimate authorities of Kazakhstan. ”


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